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Mono Sebae "

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Monodactylus  sebae, the Balloon moony, is a species of moony fish native to fresh, brackish and marine waters from the eastern Atlantic, ranging from the Canary Islands down to Angola.  

MONO SEBAE is a long time favourite in the freshwater aquarium hobby. The Balloon Mono is widely distributed along the tropical Atlantic coast of Africa.  Also called the Balloon Mono!

sebae was one of the first marine fishes to be successfully reared in the aquarium. First breeding reports date back to 1968, planned breeding succeeded since the 1970s. The animals are free spawners without brood care, the spawn swims around during development, external sex differences are not known.

With a maximum length of 25 cm (but mostly around 15 cm, the animals are spawning at about 10 cm at the age of about 1 year) Monodactylus sebae is not a small fish, furthermore they are fast swimmers and should be kept in a troop (from 8 specimens upwards). So they require a correspondingly large aquarium. 

What We Like About This Fish:

  • Beautiful coloration in both males and females
  • Very hardy with plenty of personality
  • Easy to breed in the aquarium
  • Excellent species for larger tanks
  • Potential to be a "centerpiece" fish



  • Temperature:  2 °C
  • pH:  6.5 - 8.0
  • KH:  5 - 25 dKH
  • Minimum tank size:  75 gallons for a single adult, 90+ gallons for a pair
Mono Sebae
Mono Sebae "

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