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Angelfish is a small genus of freshwater fish from the family Cichlidae known to most aquarists as angelfish. This species originate from the Amazon Basin, Orinoco Basin and various rivers in the Guiana Shield in tropical South America. Now we find many different types of Angelfish selectively bred over the years.

local_offer Save Rs. 220.00

Koi Ghost Angelfish Large

Rs. 180.00  Rs. 400.00

Scar Diamond Angel Medium

Scar Diamond Angel Veil Tail

Rs. 200.00 

WA Remora fish feed, 100 gm
local_offer Save Rs. 30.00

WA Remora fish feed, 100 gm

Rs. 50.00  Rs. 80.00

Platinum Angel Medium
local_offer Save Rs. 60.00

Platinum Angel Small

Rs. 80.00  Rs. 140.00

Mix Angel Small
local_offer Save Rs. 15.00

Mix Angel Small

Rs. 65.00  Rs. 80.00

Diamond Angelfish Large

Rs. 220.00 

Red Angelfish (Normal Eye)

Rs. 420.00 

MIx angelfish Large

MIx angelfish Large Veil Tail

Rs. 450.00 

Blue Angel Medium
watch_later Sold Out

Blue Angel Small

Rs. 100.00  Rs. 160.00

Platinum Angel Large, 2
watch_later Sold Out

Platinum Angel Large, 2" Body Size

Rs. 180.00  Rs. 300.00

Red Back Angelfish - Best4Pets
watch_later Sold Out

Red Shoulder Angelfish Large

Rs. 1,850.00 

Koi Ghost Angelfish Medium Large Veil Tail
watch_later Sold Out

Koi Angelfish Small

Rs. 100.00  Rs. 300.00

Super Veil Tail Marble Angel Medium
watch_later Sold Out

Scar Diamond Veil Tail Medium

Rs. 85.00  Rs. 160.00

watch_later Sold Out

Clown Angelfish Large

Rs. 550.00  Rs. 1,000.00

watch_later Sold Out

Sunset Angelfish Small

Rs. 150.00 

watch_later Sold Out

Albino Blue Angelfish *Rare*

Rs. 950.00 

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