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About Us

"One of the most unique freshwater aquarium stores you will ever encounter!

Blending a hobbyist passion and an entrepreneurial dream does not always come to fruition, though that is exactly where this story begins. A young man in pursuit of obtaining the most unique and healthy specimens of tropical fish was a culmination of a history of raising and keeping fish in his parents spare room.

Having journeyed repeatedly to freshwater habitats across India, our founder grew his knowledge and craft. He decided to pass that love of aquatic life into the public venue, where he witnessed there was an appreciation and desire for tropical fish. Believing in the power of the local small business, a wholesale store was born in Bangalore. With over 300 aquariums it is one of Bangalore's largest wholesale company! Ten years later we decided to help Aquarium Hobbyists continue to get fish and accessories during the mad time of the COVID19 Pandemic. So continue to stay true to our roots of not sacrificing quality for quantity, while providing the aquatic loving community with the most unique, healthy, and varied assortment of freshwater fish."

"Our dedication and specialization in freshwater aquaria has resulted in an unparalleled selection of fish, both popular and exotic, that one would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Our passion has culminated in being the largest aquatic selection in Bangalore. Often, we get visitors who have traveled a great distance to shop at our store, but don’t worry, we also ship anywhere in India.

While there are a variety of features that set Best4Pets apart from other aquatic stores, one major difference is the selection, quality, and health of our fish. These three important factors in our fish livestock are provided to the public because we don’t transship fish.

When fish are shipped from around the world they generally arrive in pretty bad health – malnourished, stressed, and prone to sickness. That is why we do not bring them directly into our store. We have a separate holding facility where they are kept until they have recovered from the strain of their journey and are healthy.

Another thing we do differently is that all of our tanks are individually filtered, NOT run off of one central filtration system. This allows us to control the health of each separate tank and limits the spread of disease. These are just a few things which elevate Best4Pets to another level."