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Geophagus Tapajos Red Head 3inch

Rs. 1,050.00 

Brevis Shell Dweller 0.5"

Rs. 550.00 

Red Kribensis (B4P Bred)

Rs. 550.00 

Dwarf Blue Crayfish

Rs. 300.00 

Hi Fin Lemon Platy

Rs. 220.00 

Sun Catfish 6inch

Rs. 650.00 

Celebes Rainbowfish

Rs. 195.00 

Red Angelfish (Normal Eye)

Rs. 420.00 

Spotted Orange Fin Danio

Rs. 180.00 

Red Fin Tiger Loach

Rs. 550.00 

Red Lipstick Goby

Rs. 400.00 

Saulosi Cichlid Trio

Rs. 2,100.00 

Tiger goby

Rs. 350.00 

Copper Catfish *Rare*

Rs. 450.00 

Mango Goby **First Time Ever**

Rs. 2,500.00 

local_offer Save Rs. 250.00

Black Kuhli Loach **RARE**

Rs. 200.00  Rs. 450.00

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