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Exclusive Fish

Exclusive Fish

Polar White Parrot L

Rs. 165.00

Black Swordtail 2inch

Rs. 110.00

Clown Knifefish 4inch

Rs. 450.00

Red Tail Catfish

Red Tail Catfish 4.5inch

Rs. 850.00

Bi Colour Mbuna

Rs. 400.00

Electric Blue Cichlid 2" (Import)

Rs. 220.00

Siam Yellow Tiger Guppy (Pair)

Rs. 260.00

White Tuxedo Crowntail Guppy

Rs. 400.00

Albino Dolphin 3.5"

Rs. 500.00

Frontosa Cichlid 1.5inch

Red Frontosa Cichlid 5cm

Rs. 990.00

Aristochromis christyi / The Malawi Hawk Cichlid 2inch

Aristochromis christyi / The Malawi Hawk Cichlid 2"

Rs. 400.00 Rs. 450.00

Red Lace Guppy (Pair)

Rs. 250.00

Chocolate cichlid Jumbo

Rs. 4,000.00

White mosaic Guppy

Rs. 240.00

Eyespot Rasbora

Rs. 180.00

Black Devil Spike Snail

Rs. 550.00


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