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Exclusive Fish

American Flag Fish

Rs. 200.00 

Bi-Colour Cichlid 4.5
local_offer Save Rs. 60.00

Bi-Colour Cichlid 5"

Rs. 320.00  Rs. 380.00

Clown Goby

Rs. 550.00 

Red Devil Cichlid 4.5"

Rs. 450.00 

Geophagus sveni 2"

Rs. 1,280.00 

Geophagus Surinamensis 3
local_offer Save Rs. 450.00

Geophagus Surinamensis 5"

Rs. 1,750.00  Rs. 2,200.00

Pseudotropheus Elongatus Usisya

Rs. 1,500.00 

Delhezi Senegal 4"

Rs. 650.00 

Pearl Galaxy Medaka Ricefish

Rs. 140.00 

Blue Medaka Ricefish

Rs. 140.00 

Gold Medaka Ricefish

Rs. 140.00 

Black Medaka Ricefish

Rs. 140.00 

Lamprologus ornatipinnis

Rs. 800.00 

Lamprologus ocellatus Gold

Rs. 575.00 

Pinstripe Damba Cichlid 4.5"-5"

Rs. 4,500.00 

Fahaka Puffer 5inch **Rare**

Rs. 7,000.00 

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