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Tropheops sp. Red Cheek *rare*

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Tropheops sp. Red Cheek refers to the colour on the head and belly of the males of this species. That colour is not really red, but more ocher to rust coloured. They have the somewhat subdued mouth and steeply rising forehead of the other Tropheus species.


Tropheops sp. red fin males can reach a length of about 11 centimetres in the wild. In the aquarium, they get a little bigger because we offer more and more powerful food than they get in the wild. They have an ocher to rust coloured head and belly. Black vertical stripes are visible on the flank.

The women are very much like those of Tropheops macrophthalmus. They are completely yellow/brown in colour, including the fins. The females grow to about nine centimetres in the lake. Also in the aquarium, they stay a bit smaller than the males.

Tropheops sp. Red Cheek *rare*



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