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TC Epiphytes / Mossess, Anubias & Ferns

Anubias Glabra

Anubias Glabra (CUP)

Rs. 450.00 

Bolbitis mini
watch_later Sold Out

Bolbitis mini

Rs. 320.00 

Anubias barteri var. nana
watch_later Sold Out

Anubias barteri var. nana "Petite" TC

Rs. 650.00  Rs. 850.00

Epiphytes are aquarium plants such as Anubias, Bucephalandra and more that propagate differently when compared to stem plants. The plants in this section do not need to be planted in aquarium soil and can be attached to hardscape or aquarium decor. This section will also contain moss, which is not an epiphyte but can be attached to aquarium decor and hardscape!

They are typically low tech and rather hardy, but care should be taken to do additional research to ensure it thrives in your setup! 

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