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Aquarium Plants

These are plants for the Planted Aquarium. Divided In to 2 Categories:

1. Tissue Culture - Plants grown in a sterile lab in a closed cup.

2. Pots - Used growing hybrid technology


For the various areas in the aquarium and for different aquascaping styles, there are different plants, too. Ground-covering plants have an especially flat growth habit, which gives them a lawn- or carpet-like appearance. If you let them grow, they can cover the entire bottom area of your tank.

Foreground plants stay relatively small, which makes them ideal for the combination with ground-covering plants. Plants for the middle ground grow to medium size and create a transition to the higher plants in the back of the tank. There is a vast range of different aquatic plants for this area, which are all suitable for the use in aquascapes, too.

Background plants grow especially high. For this reason, they ought to be placed in the area at the back of a tank or aquascape. The combination of ground-covering plants, foreground, middle ground and background plants can result in an attractive stepped layout that creates a sense of depth in your aquarium.

Epiphytic plants can be attached to driftwood or rocks, where they take root. Mosses in particular add a lot of atmosphere to an aquarium and create a very natural feeling, reminding of natural woods.

We are proud to offer a well-rounded range of aquatic plants fine-tuned to the needs and desires of aquascapers in particular and aquarium plant enthusiasts in general.


Please Note:

  • All plant Only Orders will be shipped out ONLY every Wednesday depending on plant arrival day
  • Last day for placing these Orders is every Saturday
  • All Plant ONLY Orders are shipped out via DTDC and will arrive withing 48-72 hours.
  • All Out of Bangalore Plants are packed in a Thermocole box to ensure survival. 
  • If you order contains fish, then both the orders will be combined and shipped out on a Monday or Wednesday
  • If for any reason some plants are unavailable -We will issue a "Coupon Code" for the same amount, ONLY. 

Java Fern
watch_later Sold Out

Java Fern

Rs. 160.00  Rs. 300.00

Java Fern Narrow Leaf
watch_later Sold Out

Java Fern Narrow Leaf

Rs. 210.00 

Java Fern
watch_later Sold Out

Java Fern " Windelow"

Rs. 165.00  Rs. 350.00

Crepidomanes malabaricum
watch_later Sold Out

Crepidomanes malabaricum

Rs. 650.00 

watch_later Sold Out

Bucephalandra pygmaea Submersed

Rs. 850.00  Rs. 1,100.00

Bolbitis mini
watch_later Sold Out

Bolbitis mini

Rs. 320.00 

Ludwwigia ovalis TC - Best4Pets
watch_later Sold Out

Ludwwigia ovalis TC

Rs. 250.00  Rs. 450.00

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