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Golden Severum 2.5"

Rs. 185.00 

Pseudotropheus Elongatus Usisya

Rs. 1,500.00 

Apistogramma panduro 3.5cm

Rs. 800.00 

Apistogramma cacutoides "Double Red" 3.5cm

Rs. 800.00 

Delhezi Senegal 4"

Rs. 650.00 

Pearl Galaxy Medaka Ricefish

Rs. 140.00 

Blue Medaka Ricefish

Rs. 140.00 

Gold Medaka Ricefish

Rs. 140.00 

Black Medaka Ricefish

Rs. 140.00 

Red Spotted Severum XXL 7Inch

Rs. 3,000.00 

Green Terror Large (Breeding Pair)

Rs. 2,900.00 

Heckel Turquoise Discus 2.5"

Rs. 1,400.00 

Albino Oscar Import 2.5"

Rs. 285.00 

White Crowntail Betta

Rs. 320.00 

Pinstripe Damba Cichlid 4.5"-5"

Rs. 4,500.00 

Candy Koi Plakat Female

Rs. 150.00 

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