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    New Arrivals

    Half Black Red Rose Guppy

    Rs. 260.00 

    Siam Yellow Tiger Guppy

    Rs. 260.00 

    Koi Red Tuxedo Guppy

    Rs. 250.00 

    White Tuxedo Crowntail Guppy

    Rs. 400.00 

    Albino Dolphin 3.5"

    Rs. 500.00 

    Frontosa Cichlid 1.5inch

    Red Frontosa Cichlid 5cm

    Rs. 990.00 

    Bi-Colour Cichlid 3.5
    Bi-Colour Cichlid 3.5
    local_offer Save Rs. 60.00

    Bi-Colour Cichlid 2"

    Rs. 115.00  Rs. 175.00

    Ruby Red Peacock 3"

    Rs. 400.00 

    Red Lace Guppy (Pair)

    Rs. 250.00 

    Red Silverado Guppy

    Rs. 250.00 

    Chocolate cichlid Jumbo

    Rs. 4,000.00 

    White mosaic Guppy

    Rs. 240.00 

    Eyespot Rasbora

    Rs. 180.00 

    Black Devil Spike Snail

    Rs. 550.00 

    Candy Shrimp (Rare)

    Rs. 350.00 

    Dawkinsia rubrotinctus 2.5"

    Rs. 300.00 

    Discover the Latest Underwater Treasures in Our New Arrivals - Fish Collection

    Dive into the latest aquatic wonders with's New Arrivals section for fish. This ever-evolving collection showcases the newest additions to our aquatic family, offering aquarists the opportunity to explore and introduce unique and vibrant species into their aquariums. From the latest breeds of community fish to rare and exotic species making their debut in the aquarium world, our New Arrivals are a testament to the boundless diversity of aquatic life.

    Why Explore Our New Arrivals - Fish Collection?

    • First Dibs on Rare Finds: Be among the first to discover and own the newest species available in the aquarium trade. Our New Arrivals section is your gateway to rare and sought-after fish that can set your aquarium apart.
    • Updated Selection: Our collection is continuously updated to reflect the latest trends and discoveries in the aquarium hobby. Whether you're looking for the newest color morph of a beloved species or an entirely new discovery, you'll find it here.
    • Quality and Vigor: Each new arrival is selected based on health, vitality, and compatibility with home aquariums. We ensure that these newcomers are ready to adapt to their new homes, bringing the same level of quality and assurance you expect from
    • Inspiration for Your Aquarium: With new species arriving regularly, our collection offers endless inspiration for your aquarium setups. Whether you're planning a new tank or looking to add fresh dynamics to an existing setup, our New Arrivals can spark your creativity and offer new challenges.

    Stay Ahead in the Aquatic World

    Our New Arrivals - Fish collection is more than just a showcase of new species; it's a constantly refreshing source of inspiration and excitement for the aquatic community. By keeping our selection fresh and diverse, we aim to provide our customers with the opportunity to evolve and enhance their aquariums with the latest aquatic life has to offer. Dive into our New Arrivals today and be the first to welcome these new treasures into your aquatic family.

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