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Mosses are a great way to add a natural touch to an aquascaping layout and aquarium. In addition, most species are easy to keep and fairly undemanding. We’ll introduce the topic of "mosses" a little more in detail now.

Mosses, with their deep-green colour are a beautiful contrast to red or light-green stem plants or ground cover. They are usually combined with decorative materials such as stones or driftwood. Mosses can just be wedged into gaps in the hardscape, tied to something or glued down, using suitable adhesive.

Mosses are very popular in aquaristics, but not just for optical reasons, but also biologically speaking, they have a lot of benefits. Its fine-fronded thicket provides good hiding places for very small animals, such as the offspring of fish or shrimp. Due to the large surface formed by mosses with their variety of leaves and branches, ideal colonization sites in form of of biofilms for microorganisms are offered. These serve, for example, the young animals of shrimp as a source of food. In addition, biofilms contain beneficial bacteria that degrade pollutants in the context of the nitrogen cycle and thus improve the quality of the water.


  • Our Mosses are provided in Plastic Pots
  • These will ideally spread over a 3"X3" area

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