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AQA Cichlid Colour Enhancer, 100 Grams

Rs. 250.00
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  • Floating Food
  • By choosing this AQA Cichlid Colour Enhancing food which is Made in India.
  • Formulated by Experts for providing your fish the best possible selection of nutrients.
  • This is our highest colour enhancing pellet out of our line of pellets. This also features an excellent growth and results between the growth and color are far superior than other pellets on the market. 
  • Contains nature's own coloring food! Brings out the colors of freshwater fish in all their natural glory!
  • Carefully selected ingredients give your fish complete nutritution, making this a staple diet that you must feed your fish, everyday.
  • Contains natural colour enhancers to show you your fish's best colours.
  • Regular feeding, twice a day will help the fish show improved colours after two-three weeks of daily use. 

Nutrient Profile - Protein - 44%, Fat 12%, Crude fiber 3.0% max., Moisture 7.0% max.

All natural ingredients.
Zero Preservatives.

AQA Cichlid Colour Enhancer, 100 Grams
AQA Cichlid Colour Enhancer, 100 Grams

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