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Hump Head Glassfish *Super Rare*

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The humphead glassfish has been a sought after oddball since its first introduction to the aquarium trade over a decade ago, and originates from the Salween River on the Thailand Myanmar. Although most glassfish in the hobby are often considered brackish water fish, P. pulcinella is one of many species found exclusively in freshwater habitat. A relatively undemanding aquarium fish, humphead glassfish can be kept in small groups and are often quite skittish as single specimens. They seem to prefer relatively dim lighting and highly oxygenated water with a moderate current. The species is sexually dimorphic, with males exhibiting a larger, more prominent hump and females growing larger and having an overall bulkier appearance.


Be one of the first to keep this fascinating glassfish from the fast-flowing forest streams of Myanmar! A relative newcomer to the aquarium hobby, the Humphead Glassfish wasn't scientifically identified until 2003. This thin, deep-bodied, near transparent double-taker features a distinctive dorsal spine extending from its skull that creates its namesake "humphead." Males will display a more predominant hump than females.


The Humphead Glassfish is a hardy addition with a curious disposition. To best replicate its natural habitat, keep schooling Humphead Glassfish in a well-oxygenated aquarium with pristine filtration and plenty of swimming room. They are peaceful enough to keep in a planted community habitat, but do grow large enough to put smaller tetras at risk of becoming a snack, so stock accordingly.

The Humphead Glassfish won't eat your plants, but will readily accept most pelleted, frozen or fresh aquarium foods.

Hump Head Glassfish *Super Rare*



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