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    German Sunset Guppy 2", Jumbo

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    German Sunset Guppies are a rare and fairly new addition to the wide variety of guppies available.  Their coloration is absolutely breathtaking, making these guppies the star of the show in any aquarium in which they are placed.  The head is usually a bright, canary yellow, which tapers off and becomes an iridescent peacock blue.  The tail and fins provide a beautiful contrast with a burst of sunset orange.

    These are young adult males and totally non-aggressive, making them an excellent choice for community tanks.  Their small size makes them safe with all fish and even small invertebrates (such as dwarf shrimp) that most fish will eat.  They are also easy to care for; no special equipment is needed for these exotic-looking fish!

    What We Like About This Fish:

    • Features a variety of beautiful, contrasting colours
    • Easy care requirements
    • Safe with plants
    • Completely peaceful



    • Temperature:  63° - 82° F (17° - 28° C)
    • pH:  7.0 - 8.5
    • KH:  8 - 30 dKH
    • Minimum tank size:  10 gallons



    • Diet:  Omnivorous. Will easily accept high quality dry and frozen foods.
    • Social behaviour:  Peaceful, schooling/shoaling.
    German Sunset Guppy 2", Jumbo



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