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    Blue Featherfin Cichlid 4-5cm

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    Discover the enchanting world of Lake Tanganyika's freshwater treasures, brought directly to your home by, your premier online destination for aquarium fish delivery. Lake Tanganyika, renowned for its vibrant, saltwater-like species, introduces the captivating ventralis cichlid, an ideal choice for both novice and experienced aquarists. With their dynamic personalities, engaging behaviors, and manageable size, ventralis cichlids are a joy to observe, making them a perfect addition to any home aquarium or breeding project.

    The ventralis cichlid, also celebrated as the feather fin cichlid for its striking, long pelvic fins, mirrors the beauty of saltwater anthias. Their mesmerizing powder blue hues, highlighted by a subtle metallic sheen and contrasted by slightly darker fins, make them a visual delight. These cichlids thrive in environments mimicking their natural habitat, typically shallow waters with rocky and sandy interfaces, displaying a unique flat underside adapted to their bottom-dwelling lifestyle.

    Breeding ventralis cichlids presents a rewarding challenge, with males showcasing vibrant colors and taking on the primary role in the reproduction process. Successful breeding requires a balanced male-to-female ratio within a group, ensuring harmony and reducing aggression. This species' intricate breeding behavior, including egg-laying and mouth brooding by females, offers a fascinating glimpse into the natural world.

    For those aspiring to create the perfect tank environment for their Ophthalmotilapia ventralis, a spacious aquarium of at least 250 liters is recommended. This setup should include a large sand bed and rock caves, replicating the cichlids' natural rocky habitats, while maintaining a higher pH level suitable for African cichlids. Compatibility with other medium-sized African cichlids is possible in larger aquariums, considering the territorial nature of the ventralis.

    Feeding your ventralis cichlids is straightforward, as they readily accept a variety of aquarium foods. A balanced diet, including sinking pellets, flakes, and frozen foods, supplemented with green matter, ensures their health and vitality. However, care should be taken to avoid overfeeding or using low-quality foods that could lead to bloating.

    At, we are dedicated to offering a diverse selection of the most stunning and unique aquarium species, including the ventralis cichlid. Our commitment to quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction makes us the ideal choice for enhancing your aquarium with the beauty of Lake Tanganyika's aquatic life. Explore our collection today and embark on a fascinating aquatic adventure from the comfort of your home.

    Blue Featherfin Cichlid 4-5cm



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