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Afra Cobue Cichlid

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Photographs and coloration shared are of adults and the second photograph is of fish smaller and what they may look like when they arrive. Please don't worry, they will grow to look exactly like the other adult coloration shared.


Afra Cobue Cichlids are found in deep to intermediate rocky regions, and open waters of Lake Malawi, Africa.

This cichlid is generally easy to care for as long as its housing and dietary needs are met. This fish is actually best kept in a small group and a 200 litre tank or larger is necessary for harems consisting of one male and 3 or more females. An even larger aquarium will be needed if keeping it in a mixed cichlid community.

This is a robust species but it is territorial and will become quite quarrelsome, usually during spawning time. They can be kept with other Mbuna cichlids that are a little bigger, yet peaceful. Provide lots of passageways and caves formed with piles of rocks and robust vegetation. They will not bother tough plants. They eat a wide variety of foods and are typically easy to breed.

  • Species – Cynotilapia Afra “Cobue”
  • Common Name – Afra Cobue
  • Origin – Lake Malawi, Africa.
  • Diet – Omnivore
  • PH Range – Alkaline 7.5 – 8.5
  • Water Type – Hard
  • Temperature – Tropical 24°c
  • Breed Type – Mouth brooder
Afra Cobue Cichlid
Afra Cobue Cichlid

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