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Tetra Bits Complete, 93Grams

Rs. 420.00
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  • Tetra Bits Complete are staple flakes for goldfish and other coldwater fish.
  • Tetra Bits Complete contains spirulina and germ meal and is thus an ideal food for cold water fish in the aquarium or in the pond.
  • The Tetra Bits Complete food is specially formulated keeping in mind the high maintenance of tropical fish such as discus.
  • The food has been especially formulated to maintain the shape and color of the fish.
  • It contains all the required nutrients and vitamins, which will facilitate its growth.
  • The food increases the resistance of fishes towards diseases and this complete fish food prevents all kind of diseases associated with deficiency.
  • The pellet food is a great alternative for mixed community tanks as it not only reaches the tropical fish but is appropriate for loaches as well. 
Tetra Bits Complete, 93Grams



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