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Red Devil Cichlid 4.5"

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You will find the Red devil cichlid in the genus Amphilophus in the family Cichlidae. The scientific name for this species is Amphilophus citrinellus. The Red devil cichlid is also known as the Lemon cichlid and the Midas cichlid. Simplifying the name Red devil cichlid down to just “Red devil” can cause confusion, since the related species Amphilophus labiatus is sold under this name. In its native region in Central America the Spanish speaking population will refer to the Red devil cichlid as the “Mojarra rayada”.

The elongated and laterally compressed body of a Red devil cichlid can grow up to 30 centimeters (12 inches) in length and ends in a fan-shaped caudal fin. The dorsal fins are pointy. Just like many other cichlid species, the Red devil cichlid has a concave forehead and the males develop distinct cranial lumps. The mouth is a bit undercut and has big lips. The eyes are comparatively small.

There exists a wide range of different color variations in Red devil cichlids, and two Red devil cichlids from two different geographical regions can display very dissimilar colors. You can for instance get a yellow Red devil cichlid, an orange Red devil cichlid, or an orange-red Red devil cichlid. There is also a small number of white Red devil cichlids to be found. Roughly 10 percent of the Red devil cichlids are xanthomorphic and will alter their coloration as they grow older.
Red Devil Cichlid 4.5"



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