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Mix Angel XL

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Angelfish have long been a staple of the aquarium hobby due to their elegant appearance and graceful movements, and with new varieties consistently becoming available, they make an excellent choice for many home aquarists. 

I for one have always believed that angelfish truly deserve the common name that they were given. They have an aquatic angelic quality due to their soft flowing lines and graceful movements. Nothing can compare to the sight of angelfish in a tank with lighting casting a shimmering glow on their beautiful bodies. This species is gorgeous and relaxing to watch, and is a very popular part of our hobby.

Angelfish belong to the genus Pterophyllum in the Cichlidae family. It is likely that aquarium strains are hybrids of different wild species, but they are generally considered to be P. scalare. This species is found throughout a very large range in South America and most of the Amazon River Basin.

Although most cichlids are aggressive, angelfish are an exception to the rule. This fun-loving and peaceful species really shines when placed in a proper home aquarium. Their sheer size is enough to catch the eye of children who seem captivated by their every movement. Even people who are unfamiliar with the aquarium hobby can identify an angelfish by its majestic and unique shape because they have become a popular icon for tropical fish.

Mix Angel XL



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