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Zebra Hillstream

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Scientific Name: Pseudogastromyzon fasciatus (Sauvage 1878)

Common name: Zebra Hillstream loach, Chinese Hillstream loach

Synonyms: Psilorhynchus fasciatus, Pseudogastromyzon fasciatus jiulongjiangensis

Distribution: China.

Sexual Dimorphism: Males have more prominent nasal tubercules, and a more slender build.

Maximum size: 3 inches

Similar to: Similar to other Pseudogastromyzon species but generally larger with prominent body stripes.

Care: Inhabit fast flowing streams over boulders. Aquarium must duplicate these conditions as fish have very high oxygen requirements.

With all sucker-type Hillstream species, care is broadly the same. All need excellent water-flow and aeration, numerous rocky hiding places and smooth pebbles and boulders to graze over. Lighting should be bright to encourage algal growth in the aquarium. Plants are not necessary as the fish do not normally encounter them in the wild, but they will help with water-quality. Suitable plants for high-flow environments are Anubias and Microsoreum. These will grow on rock-work or driftwood.

Zebra Hillstream



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