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Rhino Shrimp

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The green rhinoceros shrimp are characterized by their very slim, elongated 
body and, compared to other shrimps of the genus Caridina, the very long
rostrum (what we would most likely call a nose). The color of the
green rhinoceros shrimp, as the name suggests, is green, although some
individuals can also appear more yellowish. The natural occurrence of the
green rhinoceros shrimp is found in India, where the animals are mainly found
in brackish mangrove swamps. The animals seem to be very adaptable and can
also be found in freshwater bodies of water. For keeping in your home
aquarium you have the choice to keep the animals in pure fresh water,
somewhat harder tap water would certainly be an advantage here, or in
brackish water with a salinity (salt content) of approx. 15 g sea salt per
liter. When fully grown, the green rhinoceros shrimp reach up to
4 centimeters, which is quite a size compared to other dwarf shrimp.
Like other dwarf shrimp, the males of Caridina hodgarti remain
approx. 0.5 cm smaller than the females.
Not only the final size is remarkable, also that the life expectancy of the
green rhinoceros shrimp is extraordinary for dwarf shrimp, so the animals
can reach a maximum in the age of up to six years. Green rhinoceros shrimp are omnivorous and prefer to graze on algae and soil
for edible components. In addition to sufficient plant-based food in the
form of dried leaves and the like, you should also provide sufficient animal
proteins, suitable feed would be frozen food, live food (Artemia nauplii)
and special, protein-containing shrimp food in flakes or even better in
granulate form.

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Rhino Shrimp

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