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    Red Dwarf Chameleon Fish

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    Introduction to Badis Fish Species

    The Badis genus, with approximately two dozen recognized species, is an exclusive resident of South and Southeast Asia's freshwater ecosystems. These species, along with their close relatives from the Dario genus, are collectively known as chameleonfishes—a name derived from their remarkable color-changing abilities. Together, they form a niche family closely related to the Asian leaffishes, establishing a sister group with the well-known gouramis and snakeheads.

    Unique Characteristics of Badis Fish

    Unlike their gourami cousins, Badis species do not have a labyrinth organ, eliminating their need to breathe atmospheric oxygen. These diminutive aquatic wonders, typically not exceeding 2 inches in size, thrive in slow-moving, slightly turbid streams. Their habitat preference sets them apart from species favoring stagnant waters, showcasing their unique adaptation to their environment.

    Spotlight on the Buxar Badis: A Vibrant Addition to Aquariums

    The Buxar Badis, originating from the Buxa National Park in West Bengal, India, is a standout species within the genus. Renowned for its vivid red fins and distinctive red spots, it was recently classified as B. singenensis by Dutch ichthyologist Stefan van der Voort. Key identifying features include a black blotch on the opercle and several dark blotches along the dorsal and anal fins, making it a visually striking choice for aquarium enthusiasts.

    Aquarium Care for Badis Fish

    Despite their origins in less vibrant habitats, Badis fish are perfectly suited for the planted aquarium. However, prospective owners should be aware of their predatory nature towards smaller shrimps and their specific dietary requirements, often necessitating live or frozen foods over dry alternatives.

    Housing multiple males can lead to territorial disputes, suggesting a need for careful planning in community tanks. Males are notably more colorful, while females present a more subdued appearance. Reproduction involves cave spawning, with the potential for laying up to 100 eggs, which hatch into free-swimming fry needing fine foods like microworms or brine shrimp nauplii.


    Badis fish offer a fascinating addition to the home aquarium, bringing a splash of color and natural behavior to the aquatic setting. With their unique characteristics and care requirements, they appeal to both novice and experienced aquarists looking to diversify their aquatic collections.

    Red Dwarf Chameleon Fish



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