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    Panda Cory

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    The Panda Cory Catfish (Corydoras panda) is a very animated, distinctively marked schooling fish that is perfect for the community and planted aquarium.  It is easily identified by its light pink/tan coloration ornamented by the black dorsal fin, eye stripe, and spot at the base of its tail.  Its lively personality easily makes a school of these fish the stars of many aquariums!

    The Panda Cory Catfish is a very peaceful schooling fish that is compatible with most nano aquarium animals.  It might eat dwarf shrimp fry, but is generally safe to keep with adult dwarf shrimp.  It is a classic scavenger and will inhabit and feed at the aquarium floor, which should be comprised of sand or smooth gravel.  Very coarse substrate can damage its delicate barbels and underbelly.  This fish is otherwise very undemanding, and it will accept most dry and frozen foods.  It is adaptable to most tropical freshwater conditions as long as standard regular maintenance is performed.

    What We Like About This Fish:
    • The Panda Cory Catfish is a very peaceful and hardy addition to almost any aquarium.
    • Compatible with most adult dwarf shrimp and other invertebrates.
    • Thrives in schools in well-planted aquariums.
    • Distinctive coloration and group schooling behavior.
    • Temperature:  72° - 79° F (22° - 25° C)
    • pH:  6.5 - 7.5
    • KH:  6 - 10 dKH
    • Minimum tank size:  20 gallons
    • Diet:  High-quality flake, pellet and wafer foods as well as frozen foods such as bloodworms and tubifex.  
    • Social behavior:  Peaceful; requires a school of 6 or more to thrive. 
    Panda Cory



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