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Ludwigia palustris "Super Red" TC

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Overall, Ludwigia repens Super Red is an easy plant to care for.

Propagation is incredibly easy and quick. This plant will grow many small plants from only a few stems when kept in good conditions. 

  • Simply take cuttings from the main stem of the plant and replant stems into the substrate at least 1 in. apart from each other. 
  • A nutrient-filled substrate is required for the growth of this plant. Sand will suffocate the roots of this plant. 
  • Planting in Tropica Soil is recommended to help create a strong root system and support optimal growth.

Ludwigia palustris "Super Red"is versatile and grows easily, but to get the desirable bright red color, you must provide high lighting and nutrient levels. We definitely recommend Tropica Fertilisers to allow this plant to reach its full potential.

High nitrate and phosphate levels will help you achieve the brighter reds. In addition, high iron content will help bring out fiery colors.

CO2 injection is not required but will help this plant grow more robustly.

Ludwigia can be sensitive, so like all of your plants, be sure your tank has the right water parameters.

Make sure to keep your water PH between 6.0-7.0. Do not make drastic changes to your aquarium with Ludwigia palustris "Super Red". Unstable parameters will unfortunately result in melt and rotting.

Medium to high lighting for about 8 hours a day will give you the brightest red coloring this plant can achieve. When it comes to Ludwigia palustris "Super Red", the more light, the more red. You will know lighting is insufficient if the leaves start to fall off of the stem.

When it comes to tank mates, keep in mind that because of the bright red color, fish will absolutely love this plant. Aggressive fish may try to eat this plant until it is destroyed. It is better to keep this alluring plant in tanks where certain finicky fish won’t have the opportunity to ruin it. Some colorful shrimp would be a great addition to a tank with Ludwigia palustris "Super Red".

Ludwigia repens "Super Red" TC - Best4Pets
Ludwigia palustris "Super Red" TC

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