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Clown Killifish AKA Rocket Killifish

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This small killifish boasts incredible coloration, especially in males, and is ideal for the nano or planted aquarium!

The Clown Killifish (Epiplatys annulatus) is an extremely colorful, peaceful fish whose small size makes it absolutely perfect for the nano or planted aquarium. Native to stagnant swamps and slow-moving streams in Western Africa, this fish is excellent for aquariums with very low water flow or, under the correct maintenance schedule, no water flow at all.  

The Clown Killifish occupies the top level of the water column almost exclusively.  It is not afraid to jump, so it must be kept in an aquarium with either a lid/hood/canopy or at least a significantly lowered water level. It will not eat or bother plants and it will appreciate the cover, especially with floating plants. The Clown Killifish is possibly compatible with other peaceful fish and invertebrate species that thrive in low water flow, but only if those species will not outcompete the Clown Killifish for food. Also, other fish species will eat most of the fry of the Clown Killifish when spawning occurs, so other tankmate species are not recommended if breeding is desired. While many killifish are kept in pairs, the Clown Killifish seems to thrive and show the best coloration in groups.

The Clown Killifish is not as versatile as many other aquarium fish when it comes to feeding habits. It is a micropredator and it feeds at the top of the water.  It may ignore floating dry foods, but such foods are not an ideal food even if accepted by the Clown Killifish. Appropriately sized frozen foods such as Tubifex, Daphnia, and Artemia will usually be accepted, and bloodworms can also be used if chopped to a manageable size. Live foods are the absolute best food for the Clown Killifish, and it will gladly accept fruit flies and live specimens of the aforementioned frozen foods.   


What We Like About This Fish:

  • Beautiful coloration and small size
  • Peaceful disposition with fish and peaceful invertebrates
  • Easy to breed in the aquarium
  • Excellent for inhabiting the top of the aquarium    


  • Temperature: 68° - 79° F (20° - 26° C)
  • pH: 4.0 - 7.0
  • KH: 4 - 8 dKH
  • Minimum Tank Size: 5 gallons


  • Diet:  Carnivorous.  Requires appropriately sized meaty live and frozen foods.
  • Social Behavior: Peaceful, schooling/shoaling.  
  • Origin: Tank-bred, but indigenous to Western Africa
  • Average Adult Size: 1.2 - 1.4 inches (3 - 3.5 cm)
  • Average Purchase Size: 0.25 - 0.8 inch (0.6 - 2 cm)
Clown Killifish AKA Rocket Killifish
Clown Killifish AKA Rocket Killifish

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