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    Channa stewartii "Karbi Anglong" "Grade A"

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    This Listing is for a small quantity of Grade A Hand Selected

    Channa stewarti "Karbi Anglong" the fish will be around 30cm size

    These fish are renowned for their highly spotted bodies and are super popular because of that.

    Channa stewartii is a relatively small Snakehead species that grows 30-36 cm maximum. Channa stewartii is native to the whole Brahamputra river in India and Bangladesh and to the Ganges from South-Nepal to the east. This area had subtropical water temperatures, with high temperature during summer and lower temperature in winter

    To form a couple a group of young animal is required. Keep them in a large aquarium with a lot of hiding places. Dominant males will show aggression towards the others. Eventually it is wise to keep a spare tank at hand to take weaker specimens out of the tank, since otherwise they might be killed. Channa stewartii clearly does not take prisoners. When a couple is formed all other fish must be taken out, since they will not be tolerated.

    A formed couple will usually not show aggression towards each other. and they are easy to care for. However, don not change to much in the set up of the tank. Every change can trigger new territorial fights and can result in damage to or even death of one of the partners.

    A dim-lighted aquarium with dense planted area, open swimming places and with a lot of place to shelter. Use a tighly fitting hood since channa species are true escape artists. A gap between the waters surface and the hood is needed since they need to breath from the surface

    Channa stewartii "Karbi Anglong" "Grade A"



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