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    Anubias sp. Round Leaf (CUP)

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  • Also known as 'Coin Leaf'
  • Exceptional round leaf shape
  • As small as the Dwarf Anubias
  • Robust and undemanding
  • Description

    This selection of Anubias barteri has a very decorative round leaf shape. It is labeled as "Coin Leaf" as well as "Round Leaf" in trade. This Anubias cultivar has a size similar to Anubias barteri var. nana and is likewise robust and undemanding. When it grows emersed, it may reach a hight of about 10 cm, with about 5 cm long leaf blades, while it mostly stays smaller as submerged plant. The Round Leaf Anubias is a versatile epiphyte for the hardscape. As well as other Anubias, it also grows well on the bottom, however its rhizome should be positioned above the ground.

    Common names Round leaf Anubias
    Synonyms Anubias barteri ''Coin Leaf'', Anubias barteri ''Gold Coin''
    Family Araceae
    Genus Anubias
    Difficulty very easy
    Usage Epiphyte (growing on hardscape), Cichlid proof plant, Midground, Foreground, group
    Growth slow
    Propagation Rhizomteilung, Splitting, cutting off daughter plants
    Can grow emersed? yes
    Anubias sp. Round Leaf (CUP)



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