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Acclimating New Fish on Arrival

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Acclimating New Fish on Arrival
Acclimating new fish to their new aquarium is an important step to ensure their health and well-being. Here's a simple process for acclimating new fish:

  • Floating Method: Start by floating the bag containing the new fish in the aquarium for about 15-30 minutes. This allows the water temperature in the bag to adjust to the temperature of the aquarium water.

  • Gradual Water Exchange: After the floating period, slowly add small amounts of aquarium water to the bag with the new fish over a period of 15-30 minutes. This helps to slowly acclimate the fish to the new water conditions.

  • Release the Fish: After the gradual water exchange, release the fish into the aquarium. It's best to release them near the top of the water column so they can swim down to their new home at their own pace.

It's important to avoid adding the water from the bag directly into the aquarium, as this can shock the fish and harm their health. Additionally, it's important to avoid exposing the fish to any sudden changes in temperature, water chemistry, or light levels.

By following these steps, you can help to ensure a smooth and successful transition for your new fish.

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