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    Yellow Sunshine Peacock Indian Bred 3"

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    The Yellow Peacock Cichlid ( Aulonocara Baenschi ) is captive-bred and sometimes referred to as the Benga Peacock Cichlid, New Yellow Regal Cichlid, Baensch's Peacock Cichlid or the Sunshine Peacock Cichlid. It is yellow in coloration and has the same form as the other Peacock Cichlid of the same family. The male displays the typical egg spots on the anal fin and is typically more colourful than the female, especially during breeding.

    The Yellow Peacock Cichlid does well in an aquarium that is at least 55 gallons with plenty of rocks for territories and a sandy bottom. The males are usually only aggressive towards their own species unless their territory is invaded upon. Provide a ratio of 3 to 4 females to one male.

    Again, provide multiple females for the male, as it will take the stress off of the female carrying the eggs. Incubation is approximately three weeks, at which time the female will release the fry. Provide the fry with newly hatched brine shrimp and finely ground flake food.

    The Yellow Peacock Cichlid should be fed a variety of both meaty and vegetable-based foods.

    What We Like About This Fish:

    • Beautiful coloration in both males and females
    • Very hardy with plenty of personality
    • Easy to breed in the aquarium
    • Excellent species for larger tanks
    • Potential to be a "centerpiece" fish



    • Temperatre:  68° - 77° F (20° - 25° C)
    • pH:  6.5 - 8.0
    • KH:  5 - 25 dKH
    • Minimum tank size:  75 gallons for a single adult, 90+ gallons for a pair



    • Diet:  Omnivorous. A variety of high-quality dry, frozen, and live meaty foods is necessary for optimal health and coloration. Vegetable matter is also regularly required.
    • Social behaviour:  Congregates loosely in groups as juveniles. Territorial during spawning.


    Yellow Sunshine Peacock Indian Bred 3"



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