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Teraa Bee Shrimp Mineral

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Teraa Bee Shrimp Mineral was developed for creating the ideal water values for successfully keeping and breeding of bee shrimps. A single salt which provides an alkaline pH in range of 6.0-6.5 depending upon the dosage.

Teraa Bee Shrimp Mineral contains all important minerals and trace elements required to keep your bee shrimp healthy, wellbeing along with colouration. GH/KH ratio is 3:1.

Our bee shrimp mineral dissolves quickly and its easy to use. Proper dosage of bee shrimp mineral provides the same parameters of the shrimp’s natural habitat.

Bee Shrimps prefer soft water,which doesnot contain any harmful chemicals nor heavy metals. Also a low KH value is appreciated. Our bee shrimp mineral takes care of your shrimp well being, provides intense coloration, successful breeding and healthy growth. Ideal for softwater species shrimps.

Size: 100gm

Feeding Recommendation: Dosage Please dose 4gm to 20liters of RO water/rain water/purified water to reach a GH Of 6, Conductivity Of 200 +/- 50 Microsiemens. Measuring spoon enclosed.
Teraa Bee Shrimp Mineral



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