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Red Tail Loach XL

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Aborichthys elongatus is a small specie with a relatively long body. The body itself has a white color with brown stripes. These brown stripes are, for some specimens, merged with each other. As a consequence, can these fish appear to be completely brown instead of striped. The finns are relatively small. The most noticeable of all fins is the caudal fin which is completely red. It also has a distinctive dark blotch on the upper part of its caudal fin.

The Aborichthys elongatus is only known to inhibit streams and rivers in the North-East of India. They can be found in the state West-Bengal in the district Darjeeling. Here lives it, amongst others, in the rivers: Teesta and Relli.
Besides West-Bengal, are there also specimens caught in the state Assam. In this state, the rivers: Sonkosh, Siyom and Siang inhibit this specie. All of these rivers flow into the Brahmaputra.

In the wild Aborichthys elongatus inhabit hill streams. These streams consist of relatively cold, clear water. Moreover, the current in these streams is often rather strong. The substrate in its habitat consist of sand, gravel and rocks. Research in the river Siang showed that the actual temperatures differ seasonally. During the summer, temperatures range between 20 to 26 °C (68-78 °F). During these months, the water has a pH of 6.5 to 7.5. During the winter, the temperatures drop to 9 to 11 °C (48-52 °F). During this season the pH fluctuates between 6.0 and 7.5.

Aborichthys elongatus is a strictly carnivore species. Therefore, it is necessary to provide only carnivorous foods. Besides this, will it accept almost every type of food. They accept dried or factory foods rather quick. However, to keep the fish in optimal shape, frozen or live food should be fed regularly.
This species is rather aggressive towards its food. As soon as they notice that there is food nearby, will the food be charged. They swim quickly to their food to grab a bite in order to retreat immediately. When they swallowed it, this process is repeated. For other inhabitants can this be a stressful experience. As a consequence, other species might not even get close to the food.

The species will mix with its own kind, even sharing burrows together, but at certain times males may engage in violent fights over territory, often resulting in numerous bite marks on the body. Strangely, the combatants will be seen quite happily sharing the same hole the next day.

Very entertaining fish and easy to keep given the correct conditions as long as their habits can be tolerated.

Red Tail Loach XL



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