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    Queen Loach / Bengal Loach

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    Botia geto, Cobitis dario, Cobitis geto, Canthophrys flavicauda, Canthophrys zebra, Diacanthus flavicauda, Diacanthus zebra
    Distribution Bangladesh, Bhutan, and India.
    Maximum Size 15cm (6")
    Temperature 24-28°C
    Water Parameters Soft, acidic water should be provided. pH: <7, dH: <12 degrees.
    Compatibility Community with no long-finned fish
    Lighting Dim
    Sexual Dimorphism Mature females likely to have a rounder abdominal area.
    Feeding Catfish pellets, granules, flake and frozen foods



    The Queen Loach has a widespread distribution throughout much of the Brahmaputra and Ganges watersheds. Here, it inhabits rivers and mountain streams with moderate flow and sandy or silty substrates. The natural habitat should be emulated as closely as possible in the home aquarium by employing powerful filtration and using additional powerheads to create areas of decent current and to oxygenate the water efficiently. As with all botiids, these loaches must only be added to spacious aquariums that are biologically mature. Create a multitude of hiding spots and 'visual barriers' with smooth rounded rocks, cobbles, and pebbles of varying sizes, along with some driftwood and areas of robust planting. Ensure that the substrate has no sharp edges as these loaches will enjoy digging around the bottom of the tank in their search for titbits of food, and it is important that nothing damages their delicate sensory barbels. Dim lighting is preferable, and a well-covered tank is a must as these loaches are expert jumpers and can escape through the tiniest of openings. As with all botiids, B. dario fares best with company of its own kind; 5 specimens should be considered the absolute minimum housed together, with larger groups much more preferable.

    Queen Loach / Bengal Loach



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