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    JBL Aqua In Out complete set

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    Water changing kit for aquariums to connect to the water tap.

    • To siphon metabolic products, food and plant remains (sludge) from the aquarium bottom: gravel cleaner with automatic suction device at a water level of 45-70 cm
    • Easy installation: connect the hose to the gravel cleaner, attach the hose with stopcock to the bucket, insert the cleaner – activate with shaking movements. Push the gravel cleaner into the ground, water suction siphons the debris
    • Automatic suction device: creates suction from the water jet from the tap (even if washbasin is is higher than aquarium), cleans difficult to reach places using gravel cleaner: round cross section with “corner”
    • Safe to use: end water change by simply closing the stopcock of the hose. Protective sieve in the gravel cleaner to prevent plants and fish getting accidently sucked in
    • Package contents: 1 water changing kit Aqua In-Out. Incl. 8 m hose, gravel cleaner 28 cm, 2 thread adapters 22 x 1 and 24 x 1, 1 hose clip.
    Regular water change
    Feed and plant remains and metabolic products pollute the aquarium water. Since aquarium filters can’t completely remove these substances from the water a regular partial water change needs to be carried out. The JBL IN OUT facilitates the water change and provides clean water without the need of dragging buckets.

    Easy installation
    Just connect the water jet pump with the water tap. Connect the long hose with the ball joint to the water jet pump. Connect the other end of the long hose with the loosely enclosed hose stopcock and the short hose piece at the gravel cleaner. Hang the gravel cleaner into the water. Open the stopcock at the water jet pump and the stopcock of the hose. Fully open the water tap. The water flowing by sucks in the aquarium water. Clean the aquarium bottom with the gravel cleaner during the siphoning procedure. To refill the aquarium close the stopcock at the water jet pump and let fresh water run into the aquarium.

    Convenient operation
    By shutting the stopcock of the hose you can conveniently finish the water change. An accidental sucking in of fish or plants is impossible due to the built-in protective sieve inside the gravel cleaner.
    JBL Aqua In Out complete set



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