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    Golden Archer 2.5"

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    Two types of setup may be considered for archerfish. The first would be a normal brackish aquarium setup containing mangrove roots and brackish tolerant plants. Waterflow should be slow. Another means of keeping archerfish is in a biotope setup, using a tall tank half-filled with water and an area of dry land and plants in the upper area of the tank. This has the benefit of encouraging natural feeding behaviour (see below). Water conditions in the biotope should be the same as mentioned above. Lighting should be suited to the types of plants used.


    Wild fish mostly feed on both terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates of various types, although small fish are also taken. The archer fish is famous for its feeding behaviour. It has the ability to shoot jets of water from its mouth at insects on overhanging vegetation. The insect then falls in the water and is eaten! If using the paludarium setup described above, it is possible to replicate this behaviour by introducing crickets or fruitflies into the planted area in the upper part of the tank. As they venture out along the plant leaves, they will eventually be picked off by the archer fish. The fish also accepts floating foods such as flake and pellets and will also relish frozen food such as bloodworm and brineshrimp.


    Golden Archer 2.5"



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