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Elephant Nose 4.5inch

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Best kept in a large, dimly-lit aquarium with plenty of hiding places and a sandy substrate. Thrives best in soft water with low nitrates and can be sensitive to aquarium medications


The Long-nosed Elephant Fish has a widespread distribution across the Congo and Niger River basins, where it is most commonly found in dark, slow-flowing, heavily vegetated waters with sandy or silty substrates. This unusual nocturnal fish has a long, highly sensitive trunk-like extension on the chin, which it uses to probe for food items in the substrate, with the small round mouth located just above it. For this reason, it absolutely must be provided with a soft sand substrate in the home aquarium - gravel is simply not suitable and will cause unnecessary stress and possibly damage. Like other Mormyrids, the Long-nosed Elephant Fish is capable of producing a weak electrical field. The specialised electric organ which discharges the pulses is located in the caudal peduncle, with cutaneous electro receptors distributed over much of the body (including the 'trunk'). This ability to generate an electric field allows the fish to navigate in darkness or in turbid waters, sense the tiniest of movements around it in order to find food and avoid predators, and also to communicate and find a suitable mate. This electrosensory system is relatively weak as far as electric fish go, so poses no risk to the aquarist. This is an endearing fish which does have some specialist care requirements, in addition to the aforementioned sandy substrate.


The Long-nosed Elephant Fish is a micro-predator and should be offered a variety of small, meaty foods. Frozen fare could include bloodworm, white mosquito larvae, black mosquito larvae, daphnia, vitamin-enriched brineshrimp etc. Some specimens will also take dried foods. Be sure to offer at least one feed a day after lights out.

Synonyms Gnathonemus brevicaudatus, G. histrio, Mormyrus petersii
Distribution Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, and Zambia.
Maximum Size 25cm (9.8")
Temperature 22-28Β°C
Water Parameters pH: 6.0-7.5, dH: up to 15 degrees.
Compatibility Specialist community
Lighting Dim
Sexual Dimorphism Unknown
Feeding Frozen and live foods
Elephant Nose 4.5inch
Elephant Nose 4.5inch

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