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Chocolate Gourami

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Chocolate Gourami is often overlooked because they are considered beginner fish, because of this the chocolate gourami is overshadowed by the more common species like opaline and pearl gourami. This particular species is very different from another gourami because of its more natural colours whilst also being a fairly difficult fish to care for due to them being wild-caught and shy. Chocolate gourami however makes a great species to keep for more experienced aquarium hobbyists or for aquarists looking to simply keep a unique fish. Chocolate gourami simply glides through the water and have this elegance to them, they are so distantly different from most aquarium fish in this hobby with their oval shape and muted colours.  They are also a fairly small fish only reaching a maximum size of 6cm and are a very peaceful fish. 

Synonyms           Sphaerichthys osphromenoides osphromenoides

Distribution        Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, and Sumatra.

Maximum Size   6cm (2.4")

Temperature      24-27°C

Water Parameters           Very soft & acidic. pH: 4.0-6.0, dH: up to 8 degrees.

Compatibility     Specialist community

Lighting               Dim (can be brighter if diffused by plants)

Sexual Dimorphism         In mature fish, the males have a straight throat profile, whereas the females have a slightly uneven profile due to the presence of distensible skin that expands during mouthbrooding. Males also have more ornate finnage, although this can be difficult to ascertain as the dorsal is often held flat against the body.

Feeding               Flake, granules and frozen foods

Chocolate Gourami



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