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Bucktooth Tetra

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A medium-sized predatory characin found throughout the Amazon Basin, the Bucktooth Tetra or Exodon is a schooling fish and best kept in a group. In the wild, they feed off the fins, scales of larger fish. In the aquarium, they are best kept in a species tank, as they will harass most tankmates. They will readily accept most prepared and frozen foods.

This fast swimming and specialized scale eater features an attractive silvery-gray semi-transparent body with shades of chartreuse in its body along with two black splotches and hints of red in its fins. This simple yet pleasing appearance makes the Bucktooth Tetra a very appealing choice for many hobbyists. However, best care for the Bucktooth Tetra requires proper consideration and should be kept only by dedicated hobbyists willing to accommodate the unique needs of this fish.

The Bucktooth Tetra should be housed in a large, species-only aquarium of at least 55 gallons in size that is moderately planted with plenty of open swimming space. As it is a shoaling fish, the Bucktooth Tetra should be kept in a group of 12 or greater. If kept in smaller numbers, dispute over dominance can often erupt resulting in fish loss. High filtration is a must to properly maintain water quality in this densely stocked system.

In the wild, Bucktooth Tetras are egg layers and will scatter their eggs among fine leafed plants. However, there are few reports of successful breeding efforts in the home aquarium.

The Bucktooth Tetra will accept many meaty foods such as brine shrimp, mysis shrimp bloodworms and smaller pellet food.

Bucktooth Tetra



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