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Shubunkin Goldfish 6inch

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The Shubunkin goldfish is a variety of long-bodied goldfish. They are very similar to the standard Comet goldfish except for their distinctive calico coloration and elongated fins. The Shubunkin makes a great addition to many goldfish and temperate fish tanks.

The Shubunkin is distinctive from the Comet goldfish in their coloration and more elongated fins. With Comet goldfish varying between white, brown, gold, yellow and red, the Shubunkin is distinguished by its "calico" markings. These fish have a pale white to iridescent body with overlying black or blue markings, splashed with reds and yellows. The Shubunkin has a very recognizable appearance when mixed with other goldfish species. Some other varieties of goldfish can be crossed with Shubunkins to have fancy goldfish body types with Shubunkin coloration.

Like all other goldfish, your Shubunkins will require a tank with a filter, not a bowl. They do not require heated water and do well at room temperature. Shubunkins will make a lot of waste, and you will need to keep a close eye on your tank's nitrogen cycle levels to ensure your nitrate stays below 20 mg/L. Be sure your aquarium has strong filtration.

Shubunkins are not very picky about their décor. As long as their tank is large enough, they will be active fish and swim constantly. Try not to add too many obstacles, since this may tear longer fins.

Goldfish are active foragers and will often be seen picking up their substrate and spitting it back out. This is a normal behavior for goldfish and you should not be too concerned about something getting stuck in their mouths. The biggest concern for an oral foreign body are the gel balls containing beneficial bacteria. These can easily get stuck and cause your fish to stop eating. If your fish has an oral foreign body, call your aquatic veterinarian immediately.


Shubunkin Goldfish 6inch



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