Rosy Tetra

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The Rosy Tetra is known from the Corantijn, Essequibo, and Suriname River basins. These shoaling fish tend to inhabit heavily vegetated areas of sluggish tributaries, where they stay close to the safety of plant cover and submerged roots. The water is soft and acidic, and is often stained a tea-colour due to tannins released from submerged wood and decaying leaves. Ideally, the aquarium should be darkly furnished, with plenty of bogwood and areas of dense planting to emulate this habitat as closely as possible. Whilst the Rosy Tetra is an adaptable species that will acclimatise to a wide range of conditions, this species will always look its best in soft, acidic water (peat filtration suggested) and the tank must be biologically mature.

Rosy Tetras should always be maintained in good sized groups: 6 would be the minimum recommended, 10+ would be better. Not only will the fish feel more secure, but this will result in a far more effective, natural-looking shoal. 


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