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Aquatic Remedies Worm Out

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Powerful/safe deworming medication for all fish and planaria control. Fish deworming formula Anti-worm medication. Including worms in blood, liver, stomach, gill flukes, skin flukes, tape worm, flat worms and planaria in shrimp tanks. Best anti-worm treatment for flowerhorn, arowana, discus, koi and all type of fish.

Dosage and Usage:

1. Shake well the suspension before use. Clean the filter and siphon out any debris in the bottom, preferably as a clean bottom without any gravel.
2. Apply 10 ml of WORM-OUT/100 liter. Water become little foamy with aeration as this is common during de-worming suspension application. Change water up to 30%, if any inconvenience caused soon after this application.
3. Practice no feeding for one day from the time of medication. Wait for 24 hours and change 40% of water.
4. After 7 days of treatment repeat the same above method.
5. If the fish accepts feed, soap 3 drops of WORM-OUT in 10 feed pellets and feed it along with water application method.


60 ml


10 Nos. / Inner box; 360 Nos. / Master Box

Aquatic Remedies Worm Out



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