How and When are the Fish Shipped

  • All Our Shipping rates are automatically calculated based on the weight of your shipment.
  • Orders cannot be shipped the same day they are finalized.
  • Order adjustments cannot be made the day of shipping; Please give us 24 hours notice of any order adjustments prior to shipping.
  • Handling time for livestock is typically one to two days for orders placed Wednesday through Sunday
  • Orders placed Thursday to Saturday will typically be shipped the following Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday
  • All livestock is double-bagged and shipped in an insulated Styrofoam/Thermocole box. Compressed oxygen is utilized within all shipping bags.
  • We offer 100% Live On Arrival Guarantee on ALL orders shipped.
  • When shipping fish, our biggest priority will always be getting them to you alive and well.
  • If on the day of shipping there is a Lockdown in your area, we will need you to collect your parcel from the local Access Point or nearest courier place.