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Zebra Obliquidens Cichlid 3-3.5"

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The Zebra Obliquidens Cichlid, Haplochromis latifasciata, originates from Lake Kyoga and Lake Newampasa in Uganda, Africa. There is quite a bit of confusion regarding the identification of this fish and the Zebra Obliquidens Cichlid is often classified and referred to interchangeably as (Astatotilapia latifasciata).

The male Zebra Obliquidens Cichlid typically displays five, large horizontal black bars that start out wider from the top, or dorsal side, and narrow as they reach the belly. Between the black bars, the color can be silver to a greenish-gold color. Mature males will display a red belly. Female Zebra Obliquidens Cichlids look similar to males with a slightly more silver overall coloration between the black bars and do not display any red coloration. 

What We Like About This Fish:


  • Very popular in the aquarium hobby
  • Incredible blue coloration with maturity
  • Possible to breed in the aquarium
  • Compatible with many other species in a spacious tank
  • Potential to be a "centerpiece" fish




  • Temperature:  73.4° - 81° F (23° - 27° C)
  • pH:  8.0 - 9.0
  • KH:  9 - 25 dKH
  • Minimum tank size:  180 gallons for a group of adults




  • Diet:  Mostly carnivorous. A variety of high-quality dry, frozen, and live meaty foods is necessary for optimal health and coloration. Some vegetable matter is also necessary.
  • Social behaviour:  Gregarious with its own kind. Can be compatible with durable fish too large to be considered prey



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