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Yellow-tail Acei 1.5inch

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The Yellowtail Acei cichlid is known only from Msuli Point and Luwala Reef. Here it inhabits the sandy/rocky shoreline where tree branches hang down into the water or have fallen in, their specialised cuspid dentition allowing them to harvest algae from submerged wood. Schools of 30-50 individuals surrounding a large log is not an uncommon sight. This fish belongs to the Mbuna group of cichlids. The aquarium should be at least 5ft long and aquascaped to emulate a rocky reef effect with some open expanses of sand. Decor such as driftwood and ocean rock can be used to build sturdy structures which stretch from the base of the tank to near the surface of the water, but do remember the tank will require adequate buffering if a moderate amount of wood is added. Structures should be built with the purpose of creating many crevices for the fish to explore but constructed in such a way so as to keep the rocks/wood stable if the fish start to dig around and underneath. Although a substrate of coral sand or Aragonite is often recommended to help to keep the water hard and alkaline, Mbuna feel safer and show better colours over a darker substrate.


Distribution Lake Malawi, Africa.
Maximum Size 15cm (5.9")
Temperature 24-26°C
Water Parameters Hard, alkaline water essential. pH: 7.5-8.5, dH: up to 25 degrees.
Compatibility Malawi cichlid community
Lighting No special requirements
Sexual Dimorphism Mature males are larger and more colourful. Males also often sport more distinct egg spots on the anal fin, but this is not always reliable.
Feeding Flake, granules, cichlid pellets and frozen foods
Yellow-tail Acei 1.5inch



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