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    Silver Shark 3inch

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    Balantiocheilos: from the Ancient Greek, and χείλος (cheílos), meaning ‘lip’, in reference to the posterior margin of the lower lip, which forms a pouch or pocket.

    melanopterus: from the Ancient Greek μέλας (mélas), meaning ‘black’, and πτερόν (pterón), meaning ‘wing’, in reference to the black distal margins in the pelvic, dorsal, anal, and caudal fins.

    Type locality is ‘Bandjarmasin, Borneo, Indonesia’, and work by Ng and Kottelat published in 2007 (see ‘Notes’) confirmed that contrary to much of the published information this species does not occur in Indochina and is restricted to Borneo, Sumatra and possibly Peninsular Malaysia.

    The full extent of its current distribution is unclear as many populations have dwindled in numbers or even vanished completely over the last few decades, however.

    Choice of décor is not as critical as water quality and the amount of open swimming-space provided; we’ve seen very healthy-looking specimens being maintained in completely bare set-ups for example.

    However should you possess the means to both provide and decorate a sufficiently-sized tank for long term care this species would look superb in a set-up designed to resemble a fast-flowing river with a substrate of variably-sized rocks and gravel, some large water-worn boulders and perhaps a couple of driftwood branches.

    Like many other species that hail from running waters it is quite intolerant to the accumulation of organicwastes and requires spotless water at all times in order to thrive. It also does best if there is a high level of dissolved oxygen and a decent level of water movement in the tank.

    Silver Shark 3inch



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