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Red Empress Cichlid 2.5inch

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The Red Empress Protomelas taeniolatus (previously Haplochromis taeniolatus) is very dazzling in its adult male colors. It is an endemic species found only in Lake Malawi, Africa, but there are a number of color variations depending on where in the lake they originate. The females however are not so brilliant. They basically have a silvery colored body with marked with various dark spots, lines or blotches, and sometimes a touch of orange in some fins, also depending on where they come from.

These cichlids are commonly known as the Spindle Hap, as well as Haplochromis Red Empress and Haplochromis Fire Blue for naturally occurring color morphs. A few location specific names include Tangerine Tiger, Chilumba Jetty, and Fire Blue. Some captive bred specimens are very red and have names such as Red Empress, or the ‘Super Red Empress’ which was developed in Europe.

They are different from the Mbuna or rock-dwelling cichlids, as they they prefer open swimming areas where the rock meets the sand. But they still prefer being around rocky areas that offer retreats in caves or cracks. As they are a peaceful fish, do not mix them with aggressive Mbunas. They can be housed with other peaceful Malawi Lake cichlids, as well as Pictus Catfish and Ropefish. Try and keep the different species blood lines pure.

Red Empress Cichlid 2.5inch



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