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Platinum Ogon / Milky White Koi Carp (Non Veil Tail) 4-5inch

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Quick Care Facts

• Care Level: Moderate

• Temperament: Peaceful

• Maximum Size: 28 to 40"

• Minimum Tank Size: 500 gallons

• Water Conditions: 55-79° F, 34-85° F temporary water conditions

• Diet: Omnivore

• Origin: India, selectively bred carp • Family: Cyprinidae

• Species: Koi, Nishikigoi/錦鯉 (Japanese)

• Aquarium Type: Pond


Breed characteristics.


Platinum Ogon are koi with a solid, metallic-white color. Platinum Ogon are known as Purachina Ogon in Japan, but are almost exclusively referred to as Platinum Ogon in the American koi industry. A solid white, non-metallic koi is referred to as a Shiro Muji.


Although Platinum Ogon do not possess the interesting and intricate patterns of many other koi varieties, their bright metallic sheen will stand out noticeably in any pond, and they can provide a beautiful balance to your multi-colored koi varieties.

Platinum Ogon / Milky White Koi Carp (Non Veil Tail) 4-5inch



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