Pearl Arowana 3.5inch

Pearl Arowana 3.5inch

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The Jardini Arowana is commonly known as an Australian Arowana or Pearl Arowana.  Down Under in Australia, they are known as the Gulf Saratoga or Northern Saratoga.  

They are the closest in appearance to the highly sought after Asian Arowana (which is prohibited in the US).  Some have a very vibrant gold coloration, making them sought after much more than any other legal Arowana species here in the US.

 Current size is around 3 to 3.5 inches

Distribution Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.
Sexual Dimorphism Unknown
Maximum Size Up to 100cm (39.4") although often smaller in aquaria, with 60cm (23.6") being more typical.
Temperature 25-30 deg C (77-86 deg F)
Water Parameters Soft and slightly acidic is best long-term. pH: 6.0-7.0, dH: up to 15 degrees.
Compatibility This species requires an extremely voluminous tank with a large footprint (length and width). Best kept singly, with other large, robust tankmates.
Lighting Medium

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