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Pundamilia Nyererei Cichlid

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Like all cichlids, Males will have the most color, while most females with will lack the color of the males. To have the most coloration you want to order a dominant male.

The Pundamilia Nyererei are a beautiful African cichlid from Lake Victoria. Since these fish can be highly aggressive we recommend that you should try and keep them with other Pundamilia Nyererei or other Victorians such as the Pundamilia macrocephala.

They are native to Lake Victoria in Africa and require their water temperature to be in between 78 - 82 degrees with a pH between 7.8 - 8.6. Pundamilia Nyererei are omnivores and can be fed Plankton or cichlid pellets. We recommend our Small Pellet Fish Food.

The fish pictured is a fully colored up male. Females are generally more bland in appearance and color and will not look anything like the male as far as coloration.

Pundamilia Nyererei Cichlid



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