Tanichthys albonubes, White Cloud Mountain Minnow

Black Mountain Minnow

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Tanichthys: named for Chinese boy scout leader Tan Kan Fei, who first collected the type species, plus the Greek ἰχθύς (ichthus), meaning ‘fish’.

albonubes: from the Latin albus, meaning ‘white’, and nubes, meaning ‘cloud’, in reference to the species’ type locality which is high up in the mountains.

Type locality is ‘White Cloud Mountain, Kwangtung, China’, referring to White Cloud Mountain (also known as Mount Baiyun or Baiyunshan) a few miles north of the city of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China and this species is probably restricted to the Pearl River Delta region.

It appears to been extirpated from the ‘mountain’ which is actually a collection of thirty or so peaks and now a popular tourist resort complete with cable car access, hotels and public parks.

Choice of décor is not especially critical though it tends to show better colouration in a heavily-planted set-up with a dark substrate.

The addition of some floating plants, driftwood roots or branches, and leaf litter also seems to be appreciated and adds a more natural feel.

Filtration does not need to be particularly strong though it does seem to appreciate a degree of water movement and will also do well in a hill stream-type set-up.

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