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JBL Cooler 300

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Cooling blower for freshwater and marine aquariums.

  • Cooling of the water temperature by 2 – 4 °C at increased ambient temperature: cooling blower with ventilators for aquariums
  • Easy to install on the aquarium rim: thickness max. 2.5 cm. Switch on by means of toggle switch on the casing
  • Water cooling by air flow at the water surface, evaporation of the warm water. Expandable with temperature control JBL CoolControl
  • Safety: 12 V low voltage, safety cover grid. Universal power supply for all common mains voltages worldwide
  • Package contents: cooling blower for aquariums, coole.
Temperature control
There are two important factors which affect the water temperature in the aquarium: firstly the room temperature and secondly direct sunlight. If the room temperature in summer increases significantly, it is important to check the temperature in the aquarium regularly. It should be 24-26 °C. Temperatures above 30 °C are a problem and can cause substantial damage to fish and plants. Furthermore aquariums should never be exposed to direct sunlight. The higher the temperature, the less effectively the oxygen, which is vital for the animals, dissolves.

Easy to install
The bracket of the cooling blower is placed onto the aquarium rim (up to max. 2.5 cm thickness) and fixed with clamp screws.

Cooling by evaporation
The JBL coolers for freshwater and marine aquariums cool by 2-4 °C with the help of fans. The fans make the warm water evaporate at the water surface and thus generate cold. Comparable to evaporation cooling of a wet body part which is exposed to the wind.

The water cooler has a safety cover grid and is operated with a low voltage of 12 V.
JBL Cooler 300
JBL Cooler 300

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