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Green Severum 3inch

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A fish with real character which needs a large aquarium to remain in good health. Males have more pronounced cheek markings.

The Green Severum is a peaceful species, suitable for communities of non-aggressive medium-large sized fish. In the wild, the gentle Green Severum can be found in slow-moving waters packed with heavy with vegetation. Therefore the aquarium should include plenty of robust plant species along with numerous rocky caves and bogwood pieces. Green Severums can be kept in groups or pairs, but should a pair choose to spawn in a community setting, they will become much more aggressive towards the other fish. Ideally the tank will be at least 4ft long with lots of visual barriers for the other fish to escape the Green Severums attentions.

Synonyms Chromys appendiculata, C. fasciata, Cichlasoma severum perpunctatum, Heros appendiculatus, Uarus centrarchoides
Distribution Brazil and Peru.
Maximum Size 20cm (7.9")
Temperature 23-29°C
Water Parameters Captive-bred fish will acclimatise to a wide range of conditions. Wild-caught fish should be provided with soft, acidic water.
Compatibility Community with no small fish
Lighting No special requirements
Sexual Dimorphism Mature males usually have more pointed dorsal and anal fins.
Feeding Flake, granules, cichlid pellets and frozen foods
Green Severum 3inch



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