Gold Ring Danio 2"

Gold Ring Danio 2"

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What a fantastic fish species! They are truely stunning with their long flowing barbs. These fish do require a larger set up with plenty of plants so navigate around creates a lovely environment for them to thrive in.
They require a nice, well oxygenated tank with good clean water. We suggest a large filter which will create a good amount of flow across the whole tank.
These fish are a great shoaling species and should be brough in groups of 6 or more. They really shouldnt be brought in smaller numbers. 

Try to avoid smaller fish species to share the tank with and they can be known to nip. 

Species – Dario dangila.

Current Size – 5-7cm

Adult Length – 12-15cm

Temperature Range – 21 - 24°C

pH Range – 6.87.8

Special Requirements - These danio prefer subdued lighting with plenty of plants.       

Tanks Mates and Compatibility – They are a community fish but they make poor companions for any fish that prefers a quiet and calm environment. They are ideal with other robust community fish such as other danios, barbs amd well as loaches and catfish.

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